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The Avengers [Apr. 22nd, 2012|03:39 pm]
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[music |Metallica, Until It Sleeps]

I haven't been able to review because there was a moratorium until (I hope, or I'm in trouble) a couple of days ago; and when you pick a fight with Marvel, you court death.

Now that the Tesseract has awoken, I'll review it.

This is a really good movie; if you liked the lead-ups, you'll (probably) like this. I think I like Iron Man better, because of Robert Downey Jr.'s screen presence (he's in this, too, of course), but this is great.

The main thing you want to see in a movie like this is the main characters in action together. You get that, oh you get that!
They even fight each other from time to time. Because.

It's about the villain from Thor looking for the phlebotenum from Captain America, and kind of touches on the Iron Man stuff, too - a good way to tie all the movies together.
Then Loki sends an evil army to attack Earth. There's been a lot of speculation about who they are - having seen the movie, I can reveal:
I had to look it up. I found an article with Joss revealing they're the Chitauri from the Ultimate universe, but they're the CannonFodder of planet Boomia. It really doesn't matter. They're an army; deal with it.
Speaking of Loki, he has a side-plot on his way to world conquest that just makes no sense; I won't say what it is exactly, but Iron Man outlined it in one of the trailers.

Also on that general subject, it's always bothered me in comics uiverses that they insist on having multiple 'gods' running around... it's actually hand-waved in the movie. Cool.

There was talk of Captain America being the focus, or the POV character so the audience can get into the movie better.
Never happened. He was good in it, but there was no main POV character.
He seems to be developing a girlfriend? Bernie Rosenthal? Not blonde enough. Sharon Carter? Too working-in-a-bank; but there is this woman who seems to fixate on him.
Ooh... twist... Viper? Oh, Joss so would!

The Hulk had some great moments! He's never been my favourite character, but he was really good in this... except, except...
I didn’t quite buy Mark Rafael as either him or Banner – and his ‘secret’ to not hulking out makes no sense.
Yes, I said Mark Rufio as Hulk – for the first time ever, the Hulk looks like the actor for Banner, and noticeably so. Well done, there.
No, I can't spell his last name. Deal with it.
And who was that security guard who found Banner?

Black Widow was also great; it's fun to watch her interrogate a subject. After Iron Man 2, I wondered why they needed it to be her instead of, say, Mockingbird. Now I know.
In fact, the only wasted character was Hawkeye. He was... generic, at best.

Iron Man still probably the best of them.

Sometimes the dialogue is hard to understand – it just kind of drops out (also, there are long expositions which are hard to listen to – especially the opening monologue; TLDNR).

There are basic’ly none of the expected references to the broader MU; at least, I didn't pick any up... not 'til... anyway, I've heard there was a Wakanda ref somewhere in there, but I didn't catch it.

The whole thing doesn't feel very Jossy; it's more a Marvel movie that he directed. As somebody has said, that means he was doing his job.

It isn't all great; Loki's secondary plot (and tertiary?) doesn't make sense, as mentioned.
There's a dramatic “We’re not soldiers” line that absolutely doesn’t make sense in the context.

Alan Silvestri's score was serviceable; but I’ll know more when I have the CD.
His Captain America theme turned up, as you'd expect, but so did the Iron Man theme.
I wouldn’t know the Thor theme if I heard it on my first viewing, but I've been playing that CD a lot in anticipation of my next viewing; and I don't even have the Hulk CD. The only theme of his I'd know is The Lonely Man, and I didn't hear it there.

I also noticed strong echoes of The Abyss in there; it took me a while to figure out where I'd heard that. It was in a scene set on the ocean, so vaguely appropriate, but is Alan Silvestri turning into another James Horner? Good, but repeating himself too much? (He also scored The Abyss.)

We actually heard Shoot to Thrill, which is on the Iron Man 2“soundtrack”, but not (?) in the movie. (Iron Man played it.)

Is there a post-credits moment? I still don’t know. There wasn't when I watched it, but I have reason to believe there is now. There was a bit during, perhaps 12% of a moment, but the alleged scene wasn't filmed yet.

Overall, this is a great movie. Watch and enjoy!

[User Picture]From: le_messor
2012-12-16 06:42 pm (UTC)
It's not my favourite movie ever, but it's right up there.
I think they balanced the characters well. Even the Hulk shone.
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